the tonight show with dwayne johnson

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Happy 1st Birthday Winnie! We all wish you a great day and many many more years of happiness to come!

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A year ago today at 6:21AM, little Winnie Rose Fallon was born. It feels like just yesterday the fandom was shaken and worried because late night had gotten cancelled and we had no idea why. We thought something happened to Jimmy. Just a few short hours later we found out that something did in fact happen to Jimmy…he became a father for the very first time! Seeing the love Jimmy has for his little Winnie gives me such a good feeling. Winnie has brought so much joy to not only Jimmy, but the falpals as well. We all love her so much and I hope Jimmy knows how loved she is by so many. Happy birthday Winnie, have the best first birthday ever! :)

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Box of Lies (with Kate Hudson) [1/2]

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Box of Lies (with Kate Hudson) [2/2]

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Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Glee With Studio “6-bee”

If you’ve missed Glee during the off-season, Jimmy Fallon's spoof of Fox's musical comedy may tide you over.

During the Late Night skit, Fallon reports that he and his staff from Studio 6B need to compete in sectionals in order to raise money for cue cards. And Fallon’s “Living On a Prayer” is the only thing that can save the show’s punch-lines by raising the $375 to buy them.

Check out the story of “6-bee”in the video below, with cameos from Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen and Abby Elliot. And yes, that’s really them singing.

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If you smell what I’m cookin.

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jimmy fallon is my spirit animal

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